15 Jan 2010

Proper dog nutrition is, every day when the body receives sufficient nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain normal vitality and a high work rate. About a dog eating from his resolve appearance of performance. If the dog looks great, is fun, frisky, I'd do something tells the owner, you can be sure that the dog is fed properly. It should also be aware that misuse of power highlights the consequences of not immediately, but after a while a dog is responding to health and working capacity.
Major dog food products are meat, animal fats, cereals, potatoes and salt. Puppies, young dogs, as well as dogs to be mated to give milk. Puppies recommended green eggs. In addition to these products, dogs can be given marine fish (from rivers and lakes you fish worms), bread, tinned meat, nutritious concentrates, cheese and table waste.
All products must be fresh, high quality, you can not make food out of date.
Feeding dogs food waste, it is recalled vitamins, so the soup should contain carrots, beetroot, cabbage. If the vegetables are not available, it can be used in place of the beet, young nettle leaves (hot water, covering liquid), parsley, young Dandelion leaves and other foliage.
Bathing a dog is needed because the treatment can not completely eliminate dust and dander. In the treated bath dogs while only warm air, and those who live in the apartment - all year round. Dog usually get used and appears to be happy while bathing.
During the summer heat bathing dogs in water bodies with shallow banks.
Bathing may not be abused. Too often, bathing a dog, washed fat skin and wool. The skin becomes dry and the hair starts chip. The dog is sufficient to wash once a month.
Outdoor dog wash is required. It is better to clean with snow and brush if possible.